Multiple notification triggers

Hi i was creating a automation for notification when new row is added to a table. i have a column of status which is blank when new row is created. and i have used the following formula

  1. when > row changed > table name > any editable column
  2. then > notify > table.people > “text”

I get multiple notifications depending on number of rows in that table. There were 7 rows in the table and i got 7 notifications

Can anybody please advise me how do i make automation bot send only 1 notification. ( the automation is getting triggered only once but multiple notifications are sent. in the people column notification is turned off)

Without looking into it too much it seems that the automation is sending a notification to the People column, which means notifying each value for that column. You might want to do Notify([Step 1 Result].People) instead to only notify the People field for the row that changed.

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Hey, thanks for your reply. It indeed was sending notification to people column. Notify([Step 1 Result].People) this solved my problem. Thanks for the solution again.

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