Automation gets triggered 20 times

Super simple automation: notify user if task gets assigned to them via a people multiselect common

Problem: one change triggers multiple notifications

Doc link:

Anyone experienced this problem? Is in my formula the number of notifications dependent on the number of columns in the table?

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You should use Step1Resault.Team as TO column, so it will send only to person assigned to that row instead to all people you have assigned in that column. I had similar problem also :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out! Actually, I think my problem arises even before that though: I’m getting the same notification 4 times (or 20 times, for my other “real” table) to the same user.

@Saul_Garcia helped me fix it, thanks a lot

The automation formula has to be adapted as follows to prevent multiple notifications to the same user:

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However, you can actually also just use the inbuilt notifications of the People column

Just don’t use both options or you’ll have double notifications :wink:

Of course, I didn’t pay attention that your trigger was when assigned to, there is default notification for that. I thought it was when status change or some similar thing :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway good thing you managed to solve problem :+1: