Notify when a task is assigned (no button)

Is there not a way to just notify a user when they are assigned a task without the use of a button?

I have a form that drops data into a table and a user is assigned the task based on the location of the task automatically. I want to notify the assigned user when a task is populated from the form submission.

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you might benefit from this article :

the automation logic without a button you find right top:

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Do you use people column for assigning task? Because it has in-built functionality to send notification to assigned people when you add someone to column.


Yes. Are you referring to the option to “notify when added”? Because I tested it and they are not getting notifications for this. The people column is auto populating based on another column. if the form is submitted and the column on the new row is X then person A is auto assigned and if that column on the new row is Y person B is auto assigned. This seems to skip the notification setting. :confused:

You’re right, if it’s a formula column no automatic action will be triggered.

What you should do in your scenario is

  1. Remove the formula from that People column
  2. Set up an automation to react on new rows from that table (read: row changes) and update that same row with assignee person. Once automation bot sets the “assigned to” field, notification will go out.

Or you can just set up the automation to set the notification for you. Either way would work. The approach above would be more flexible though because you could manually change the assignee for that task if you ever needed to.

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