Multiple records with same key

For a pack I am writing, for some reason the API contains multiple records with the same key.

When this is imported into a sync table, I would like to combine the records with the same key into one row in Coda.

Is this possible?

Hi @Richard_Kaplan - So if the records and handled during the same execution of the sync they you could write code to find the duplicate records and merge them before the rows are returned. However if they are handled during different executions, the first record will already have been sent off to the sync table by the time you get to the second one, making a merge infeasible.

Is there perhaps some other piece of data that when combined makes the keys unique? Like a date, or project ID, etc?

Thanks… there is nothing else that makes the keys unique.

The issue with duplicate records happens in the original app when additional notes or other metadata are appended to an existing record.

So it seems I need to write the code in more detail to identify this situation initially when I create the array of objects in the Pack code.