My Docs Navigation

Hi. Love this product and what you are doing and planning for the future, but I have a small request to make regarding the My Docs navigation.
All the work you have done around the My Docs ‘Home’ area is great, and the addition of useful links is a real benefit. I have an issue with the ‘Resources’ navigation in that if any are used you navigate away from your ‘Home’ area. Now I can live with this if I can find a suitable path back from the opening page. In most cases this is possible, although not consistent, and my key issue is with the Community link. The Community is used often for Hints & Tips and often my first port of call, just to check whats new. But its really frustrating I cannot get back to My Docs without using the Coda Browser link, or hacking the url.

Hope you can resolve this small annoyance.

Keep up the great work!!.