Need the links to open the page in the shared doc and not the main doc


I am having trouble with something and hopes someone can help me…

I am sharing this doc to several people, but the links on the buttons go back to the main doc where it was created and dont redirect to the link in that doc.

I need the home button to go home but from that doc!

Does anyone know how?



Can you please share the doc, or a sanitised copy of the doc? It is impossible for the community to find out what is wrong from a screenshot.

Check whether the formula for the link is an (absolute) URL or a (relative) page name.


Hi Piet, how are you? thanks for answering back.

Yes of course, my bad.

The thing is very simple, I have buttons that redirect to different pages on the same doc… but whenever I make a copy to share to someone the link does not redirect to the same page inside that doc but it goes to the main doc where it was copied.

How do I make it stay in the same doc?

Thanks again :+1: :smiley:

You should be able to solve this by linking to either a table or some kind of control in the other pages!

Say for example, you have a button in the homepage that needs to direct you to the finance page. In the finance page, you have a table called ‘Finance DB’.

In the homepage you’ll create a button, set the formula to OpenWindow(), and complete it by getting the dynamic link of the Finance DB table.

OpenWindow([Finance DB].ObjectLink)

You can also do this with controls! Say I have a formula in the finance page, but no table. I can create a formula on the page, name it (in this case, Total Income), and reference it just like the table.

OpenWindow([Total Income].ObjectLink)

This will keep the correct links even when copying over to other docs, as long as the table/control comes along in the copy!

Thanks Micah! will try it out

This is out of the topic but can i ask how can you create this button?

Hi Korn, how are you?

Yes it is very easy, two steps:

  1. Copy the image address from an icon:

  1. Create a button and on the label you have to concatenate the following:


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