New Coda's Youtube videos

First, I’d like to congratulate @maria for the great new Youtube series on formulas.

When I was learning how to use Coda, one thing I found really lacking was good videos tutorials, specially coming from AirTable where you can find great ones*.
Back then, I realized that Coda was a better platform and decided to invest my time on it. I don’t regret at all.

My question is about thisRow new video (
You use currentValue many times there but you don’t even mention it. Coda engine “hides” it most of times from our view. Is it on purpose? It took me a while to learn about its existence.
Why don’t you guys make a video about currentValue? I believe it will help a lot people who are learning.

*Gareth Pronovost tutorials are great. I found out about Coda with him but unfortunately most of his video are about AirTable

I’m so glad you enjoyed the series! We’re excited to provide more help around formulas. CurrentValue was on our list for this first round, but didn’t make the cut. But, we definitely want to make more.

For your question about why it’s not always visible. You’re right, sometimes it’s working behind the scenes, but not explicitly listed. This keeps the language a bit cleaner, and means we’re just including CurrentValue when the situation is ambiguous.

I’d love to know, what have been the most valuable applications of CurrentValue in your Coda docs? If you’ve got some favorites, I’d love to know what’s been helpful.