New Pack: Audio Search

Hello! I created a new pack, Audio Search, because the built-in Coda pack for Spotify does not include any search functionality. Check it out here!

Additionally, I made a couple of music-related document templates that showcase different ways of utilizing the pack. One is fairly straightforward, an Album Recommendations tracking doc. Then I made a template for the pack itself that shows every little thing that the Spotify Search pack can do, plus it has a few ideas within that as well.

I hope some folks find it helpful! Let me know if anything looks weird, or doesn’t work as anticipated. Thanks so much!


Huge !
Thanks for the amazing work.
I’m currently working on a “Artist Booking Manager” in Coda. Your pack will be a great help in retrieving data.

I’ve been testing since this morning but I keep getting the same error message: “You don’t have permissions to view this data in Audio Search”.

What am I doing wrong?