Column Type: Audio

Just a quick suggestion here. I would love to have a column type: audio.

With a bit of finesse I was able to get this:

Buuuuttttt that’s not pretty… So let me know how a custom-rendered version of an audio file might look and feel to everyone else.

PS - I tried doing this in GoogleDocs, GoogleSheets, and Notion, and all of them also fail at this. Time for Coda to shine!



Yeeeeees! I never thought of this, but as a sound designer, I would definitely need this to have guidelines when designing gameplay feedbacks etc…
So yes yes yes!
Btw @Lloyd_Montgomery do you know a good platform to share sound except soundcloud?

Hi @tomavatars,

I just using GoogleDrive since I am a GSuite user (team of 1). It is not in any way a “good” way to share audio.

I’m just learning German and got interested in combining words with their audio for increased learning.