Is It possible to embed áudio?


I wanna know If i can embed an audio player itself, not just the file, or something like that

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Hey @Pedro_Miguel_Rocha_Silveira this should be possible, with a link to a file on Soundcloud, dropbox etc. Can you please describe your use case?


I was going to use it in order to create a online exercise for my students, I am an esl teacher and I was going to test if Coda could do what I wanted, in the end it didn’t work out any way, because I can only move rows or columns, not individual cells, Wich made me sad, but that’s fine since it is far from what Coda was made for. It still may be able to do what I was thinking by grouping some columns, but I haven’t experimented with that yet


Ah I see. You should be able to build that in Coda. Feel free to take a look at the templates or ping us on Intercom and we can help you with it.