[Newbie Question] Yearly Reviews - Best Way To Perform

Hey guys
Newbie over here! First of all glad to be part of, Coda seems one of the best notetaking app I ever see and can’t understand how I got familiar with only this week.
One of the most important goal I want to use this application is to track, review myself and to plan forward into the future.
I want to generate some flow of automation which could make something like this -

  • Page of “Yearly Reflection”
  • Another page contains some table (Database) with the following podcasts I heard and summarize over time
  • Another page contains some table of things I learned
  • Etc…

I want the flow will be that for example - on 17.03.23 I listen to podcast X and on 15.01.23 I learned Y > will auto reflect on my “Yearly Reflection”.

I used to made something like this in Notion several years ago and I’d like to get back to this in Coda.io.
Hope some masters of you guys could help me perform this with smart structure.
Thanks ahead :slight_smile:

My instinct here is to make one big base table, with columns like:

  • Date
  • Entry Type
  • Notes
  • Podcast Name
  • Episode
  • Link

There will be way too many columns for most views. But that’s ok.

  • On Learnings page, create a view of the table that is filtered only to Entry Type = learnings, and hide all the columns except date and notes (and maybe link?).
  • On Podcasts page, create a view of the table that is filtered only to Entry Type = podcast, and hide all the columns except date, notes, podcast name, episode, link.

Then on the yearly summary page, sort by date and show all columns. Or if that looks too messy for you, hide all columns except Date, and add a Summary column. Use a formula to output a nice summary, for example:

Switch( EntryType,
  // List each option for entry type, followed by what the result should be
  "Learning",                       // if type is learning...
  Concatenate( "Learned: ", Notes), // output "Learned: bla bla"
  "Podcast",                        // if type is podcast
  Concatenate(                      // put out more complex summary...
    "Podcast episode ",
    " of ",
    ". Key ideas: ",
  // Other entry types 
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Thank you Nick, pretty sure this is also how I managed it in Notion back in that time.

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