No date picker in Forms?

Am I going crazy? Or did Forms date fields use to present the user with a date picker?

I find its behavior a bit strange.
When you convert table to form inside a document a lot of functionality don’t work (like date picker and attachment field). When you publish form with a link and use link to input data into form all works together. I don’t know if you were referring to this use case also

I remember there was a talk that there would be a separate update to forms for use “inside” documents. Maybe that’s why all features are not working when you use it inside a doc (as table view).

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yeah, checkboxes, date pickers and scale icons all disappeared. ive been told the team is working on them. if you are desperate for a workaround you can publish your form and embed it into your view. for some reason none of the components are bugged out in that scenario.

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I think whatever is bugging out Forms is also affecting filtering / formulas. I have dropdowns that provide options based on what you select in a previous drop down. This filtering works in details view, but has “reference broken” when inside a Form view :frowning:

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I don’t have any public Forms at this time, so I didn’t realize they are working ok. This is just the internal Forms that I’m noticing the problem with.

A couple weeks ago I reported that my internal Forms had completely disappeared (changing the View to anything other than Form worked, but changing it back made the Form vanish again). Before I received any info from Coda I found that my Forms were working again, but last night I realized the Forms now seem to be partially “lame” (the date picker in particular). I’m wondering if the two problems are related…

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ah strange. i too noticed a few weeks ago that forms wouldnt display if i went from table > form. Only if I built the table from scratch using the form view. it was my first day using coda so i didnt realize it was bugged.

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I tried a couple things at the time to get them to come back, and one was creating a new Doc with a new empty table and Form, and it worked fine under those circumstances. I did notice that any Forms I had already created in my main Doc or any I tried to create after this wouldn’t show up.

FYI looks like they’ve fixed all the form issues.

Looks like its working now again on my end also :slight_smile:

Nice! Seems to be working better on my end as well.