Bug: Published form doesn't correctly insert a select column

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a select column in “table 1”
  • Create a new table from the values in the column and name it “table 2”
  • Add “2020-2021” and “vp2021-2022” values to “table 2”
  • Create a published form for “table 1”
  • Submit “2020-2021” from the form
  • Submit “vp2021-2022” from the form

Expected result:

  • Two new rows added to “table 1” with values “2020-2021” and “vp2021-2022”. Where “2020-2021” and “vp2021-2022” have thin blue outlines and hovering over them shows the linked data.

Actual result:

  • Two new rows added to “table 1” with values “2020-2021” and “vp2021-2022”, but “2020-2021” is added as plain text, it doesn’t have an outline and hovering over it doesn’t show linked data.

To me it seems that this is caused by coda trying to parse “2020-2021” into a date. When creating a new table adding “2020-2021” to a text column will convert it to a date time column, so it might be related.

This only happens when submitting from a published form, when using an in document form it works fine. In the screenshot the first few rows were created from inside the document, and the last two from a published form.

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Just let our product team know. Is this your first time attempting to write these select values from a published form vs in-doc form?

Thanks for the fast response Renita. I have been playing around with this for a few hours and trying to find workarounds. I’ve recreated this in a test document, and I haven’t seen that the order of operations affects the outcome.

You can try it out yourself here: Form select reference bug

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Thanks, this is super helpful! I’ll let you know when we find a fix.

Hi Nikola,

This issue should be fixed in Monday’s (Aug 2nd) update around 12-1pm PST.