Notifications Not Sending



First time question so if I’m missing something obvious, please let me know.

I’m trying to set up an assignment sheet where each row is a different assignment. I have a column that is a people column and I when I select a person to be assigned, I want an email to go out to that person. This should look very similar to the example Coda provides here:

But the emails aren’t showing up in my inbox. The in-app notifications are but not an email. Things I tried or was aware of:

  • Assigned to a different user (i.e., not myself)

  • Ensured that notifications were turned on in the column

  • Ensured the doc was shared with the user

  • Ensured the assigned user had email notifications turned on.

What is the standard delay for emails being sent out? Is there one?


And an update–8 minutes after I posted, the notifications arrived in the inbox. Is there a standard delay or does it vary?


Hey Mike, great question. There is a 20 minute delay b/w the @mention and an email being sent. In addition, there’s another key caveat to this besides the ones you picked up on already. If the assignee opens their notification center (by clicking on their avatar in the upper right of any doc) within this 20 minute window, no email is ultimately sent. This is based on the assumption that the user is already aware of the mention having seen it in their notification center. Hope that provides more clarity around the notification emails.


Thanks for the help–good to know that it’s only if they open the notification center. If I’m reading that correctly, even if they have coda open in a tab they’ll receive the email after 20 minutes as long as they don’t click on the notification center, correct?


Correct. A good indicator is that they should still see the badge icon with a number on their avatar. If they’ve opened their notification center at all (even if they don’t specifically click on any of the mentions when they do), the badge icon will disappear and they won’t receive an email.