Delay notification sending?

Hi everyone!

I’m using Coda to track tasks for my team via a table with fields for name, status, and owner. I set up an automation that sends notifications whenever a task status changes, so everyone is up to date on what everyone else is working on:

With this automation, if someone creates a task and gives it a status before it has a name, then the notification that’s sent says something like “#r123”, because the name field is blank. This is usually what ends up happening to us—we have status grouped at the top of our table, so whenever we create a new task, it will have a new status, but no name yet.

Is there a way to delay sending the notification until I’ve finished adding a task name (e.g., send 5 minutes after status is edited), or is there a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?


Hello @Tommy_MacWilliam,

You could add an if statement to the automation (using the grey plus in-between the steps) that says the name must not be blank, then you could add a second automation that triggers when the name is changed as well, but that might add more notifications than you want!

If you would want to exclude later name changes, you could add an if statement to that second automation that uses the Created() function and compares it to Today() or something similar.

Hope these thoughts help, thanks!

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Thanks, will give that a try!