Notify user when there's a new submission (table)

I guess this is a 2 part question:

I’m setting up so that when someone submits a response from, it would update the table on Coda (using the Tally pack).
This is what my automation looks like :point_down:t3:

Could you guys please tell me if:

  1. My trigger is correct? I don’t think it is because I tried filling out my Tally form and nothing happened with my automation on Coda (I did refresh the form and saw the new submission showing up).
  2. If my message is right, because from the “test rule”, it’s showing the first name of the first submission, not the last (most recent) one.

Hi @Duy_Nguyen,

I’m not familiar with tally, nor the tally pack but I think the automation “form submitted” is build for the internal coda forms that you can use by typing “Form” or changing an already existing table to “Form”.

That would explain why the automation is not getting triggered.


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Ahh that’s what I was worried about as well. I wasn’t sure if it is possible at all, give these are the available triggers :point_down:t3:
CleanShot 2023-08-21 at 10.25.27@2x

Update: I’ve just tried the “Row changed” and it worked. My message also reflected the name of the latest submission as well.
Guess I just need to manually try out all the possible options lol.

Thanks anyway @Jannis!


No problem :slight_smile:.


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