Notifying a list of users based on checkbox

Hi, I’ve been searching the forum for a solution, but the ones that I’ve found haven’t worked for me.

I have a button which purpose is to notify a set of users if they have not submitted their to-do list that morning. I have a table called People with just 2 people in it so far. There is another column called “Submitted” with a checkbox. The button needs to send a notification to the user if the box is not checked.

Here is my code:

People.Filter(Submitted=False()), RunActions(Notify(
CurrentValue.Name, “Good morning, please submit your Frogs.”

When I click the button, nothing happens, yet I don’t have any errors in my code. I’m sure I’m misunderstanding something, just not sure what it is. I’m glad to share a link to the doc if that would help. Thanks!


Notify needs to run on a user entity, so could you double check that People.Name is a People type column (rather than, say, text)?

It is a People type column.

Here is the link, if that will help: Eat That Frog V1

Requested access to poke around, but would you try the following?

Notify(People.filter(Not(Submitted)).Name, “Good morning, please submit your Frogs.”)

I approved you, and gave View permissions. I hope that’s enough to see what you need.

I replaced the button with your code, and it does now say “Notification sent”, but I’m not seeing it yet. I don’t know how long I need to wait for it to come through.

Edit: It just came through. Thank you! Now is there an explanation on why this is working now? I was under the impression that Notify doesn’t work on a list of people, which is what the Filter formula is producing. That’s why I was using ForEach, to be able to send the notification to each person that meets the requirements.

I was just looking to poke around at the underlying formulas (and maybe add myself and try to notify myself with the button to see if it worked), but I understand if you’re not comfortable with that.

If you add a formula in the body next to the button (press “=”) with “People.filter(Not(Submitted)).Name” in it, can you show me the output?

Honestly, I’m not quite sure why the original formula wasn’t working. It was slightly bulkier than necessary (RunActions is only needed when multiple actions are being called, etc.), but nothing looked wrong to my eye.

As for calling notify on a list, I didn’t know it worked that way either until I went to the documentation to check if there was a flag or something we could set and saw that its first argument can be a list.

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