OAuth and wix.com

I’m trying to create a pack that connects to wix.com but I got stuck on the OAuth.
According to wix website https://dev.wix.com/docs/rest/articles/getting-started/authentication, the OAuth flow is to send a POST request to https://www.wixapis.com/oauth/access to get a access token and a refresh token.
As far as I understand, I shoudn’t care about this because Coda handles this kind of exchanges.
All I need is the authorizationUrl which is above and the tokenUrl which I have no idea what it’s.
What’s the tokenUrl for wix.com?

Hi @Breno_Nunes - In this case the token URL is the https://www.wixapis.com/oauth/access URL you mentioned. It’s the URL that you send the authorization code to in order to retrieve the access token.

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