[on Beta] Custom Domain Support for published docs

Anybody have heard or already opt-in or formal beta sign-up on this?
what’s your take coda community and codans themselves :slight_smile:

Coda Tweet Responses:

  • This would be great for it skips the use of cloakist or iframe embed hacks. An hopefully this feature is granted available for free accounts also.

  • For those who have tried or currently in beta, care to share some public samples?

  • Haven’t heard any news from this other than this feb 2023 tweet from the reputable thecodaguy in which official coda twitter account also responded.

Hey that’s me! Glad to be called reputable!

I’ll have a public sample I can share next week =]


hello everyone, does anyone that does have access to the custom domain beta care to share some samples this time? :slight_smile: how was it?

I believe this is a sample https://www.codaquiz.com, but I haven’t seen any sign up form for a beta sadly…

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Yeah! @chrisquim - Coda quiz is mine

A fun little activity brought to you by The Coda School and It’s a Coda doc on a published custom domain.

Any questions about the custom domain experience? Limitations? Happy to answer!

PS: Coda quiz is really fun! Submit your quiz and get a custom PDF report that details your current coda skill!

It looks like they released custom domain support! It’s in the settings panel of a doc.

Since the word went out already — yes, it’s very much around the corner.

Just connected my first doc for some testing:


  • No hacks / cloakist / etc to get a published doc onto a custom (sub-)domain

  • Good old published view (remember; it’s not secure! you still publish the whole doc with all the hidden content too!)


  • So far, no control over meta tags (e.g. see how the omnibox above still talks about Coda, not me or my business that I published as a site)

  • Some visual tweaks will be required (e.g. tweaking the top nav again to make it centered)

I was surprised how easy it was to configure, I’ve noticed a few things too–

  • Cover images that are gifs don’t seem to render correctly
  • Links inside buttons open a new window, even if it’s an ObjectLink to another part of the doc.

Links are tough because they are rewritten in published docs generally. I’m wondering if they even work (even the relative ones like /_suXXX)

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