Onboarding new employees

Hi all,

I would like to build a doc / page in Coda to onboard our new employees. I’m thinking about a table or list with all the tasks they need to complete in specific weeks. Does someone already has something like this and can share tips? Because in an ideal situation it is really helpful if the new employee can check off the tasks for example and it is not changing for other new employees who are working on the same tasks.

Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks.

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Hi Edwin,

There are one or two example in the gallery that you can copy, or use as inspiration.

I think this is an excellent tool for onboarding people.

Rambling Pete.

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Hi Piet, thank you! Do you have a link to these examples?

Hey @Edwin_de_Jonge

there is this lovely guide with many examples and templates in the gallery:

When it comes to the doc strucutre, from my perspective you can think of two possible approaches, with several pros & cons and hardly depending on your company structure.

Onboarding Doc per Person
You can create the perfect onboarding doc and everytime a person joins the company or your coda environment, you can make a copy and hand it to the person. Depending on your plan and where the docs should be stored, you can also let the users copy the doc by themselves with a “copy doc” button.

  • The advantages are, that it is quit easy to build and a user has his personal space (or space for him and his teamlead) where he can get onboarded, make his own notes etc.
  • The disadvantages are, that the data is seperate and it is complicated to get an overview who is now onboarded and at which step. You also can’t make changes afterward to current users in their onboarding processes.

Onboarding Doc for all / part of other doc
Another way is to create one onboarding doc for all users. The challenge here is to use filters and locking to make sure people can only see their own process. You can make a button like “initiate onboarding” that starts the process for a new users and generates the rows and tasks he has to go through automatically.

  • The advantages are that you have all in one place and you can have statistics. You can also edit on the run. You can even add e.g. a new points and let users come back to finish this after years (like “Update logo in email signature” after a company design update)
  • The disadvantages are that it is more complicated to build and locking requires a team plan.

Hope this is a good thought starter and helps you to get started with your own process!

Maybe you can even share your approach later in the Doc Show & Tell section. Would be very cool to see what you came up with!



I am currently working on this same thing four our organization and the gallery example above is a great place to start. I’m working on quizzes that would test knowledge on videos and presentations now to complement the training and information provided. This is a giant help with employees to make sure they have all received the same training.

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