One search field for four tables

Hi there,
it seems I’ve a block and maybe someone can help me.
I have four tables:

Customer PO (term: Customer PO Number)
Internal PO (term: Internal PO Number)
Supplier Invoice (term: Supplier Invoice Number)
Internal Invoice (term: Internal Invoice Number)

I want to integrate on my main page a text control for input a search term and a search button to start the search over all four tables (for a quick search). The input field should me allow to use partly search terms (not exact).
With pressing the search button, In my imagination a “window” opens with a filtered list from each table.
The opened “window” could be a separate page (URL) or a table with canvas.
Man, this is hard to describe.
My problem is: which formula do I need to put on the search button?

Does anyone understand, what I want to do and can help me please?

Best regards

Hi @Foerster_Matthias :blush: !

Would this help you to get started (see below) ? :innocent:

You can enter a “lorem ipsum” term in the field called Search for and then click on the button Search :blush: .

The button will search through each field Search in each tables and modify each multi-select relation fields (linked to each table you want to search) according to what ContainsText() returns, then open thisRow.

So, to answer your question:

Here I used something like :

    thisRow.[Result Table 1],
    [Table 1].Filter(Search.ContainsText(thisRow.[Search for],true,true)),
    thisRow.[Result Table 2],
    [Table 2].Filter(Search.ContainsText(thisRow.[Search for],true,true)),
    thisRow.[Result Table 3],
    [Table 3].Filter(Search.ContainsText(thisRow.[Search for],true,true)),
    thisRow.[Result Table 4],
    [Table 4].Filter(Search.ContainsText(thisRow.[Search for],true,true))

… and there might be different ways to get to the same result, I just don’t have enough time to look more into this at the moment… But I hope this helps a little :innocent:


THIS! was exactly, what I needed! Many many thanks for your help and the effort you made.

best regards


My pleasure @Foerster_Matthias :grin: !

I’m really glad to know this was what you were looking for :grin: !

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