One view / multiple layouts

I have a table (with only one view) and I want to create different layouts for that table, so that I can open with buttons somewhere else in my document, as needed, layout 1 (which shows, for example, a price column), or layout 2 (that has the price column hidden).
Is this possible?

Hi Filipa,

Yes, it is possible. In the doc below, there are several buttons that create reminders, appointments and meetings for the todo list table.

The trick is to create a view, in this example the “Reminders” view, and then to open that.

Rambling Pete

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Just in case, because OpenRow() is IMHO not really the most intuitive formula to use, as @Piet_Strydom said, it is possible but you’ll need multiple views of the same table … not just layouts :blush:

So you would a structure such as :

  ├─ View 1 with the Layout 1 applied
  ├─ View 2 with the Layout 2 applied
  ├─ View 3 with the Layout 3 applied
  ├ Etc ...  

And in your button : if you want to see your table with the Layout 1, you would need to use View 1 in OpenRow(), if you need Layout 2, you need to use View 2 in OpenRow(), etc …

In example of @Piet_Strydom : He has a To-do list table and then a specific view for the Reminders with a specific layout, a specific view for the Appointments with a specific layout and a specific view for the Meetings with a specific layout … and each specific view is used in OpenRow() to display the row with the appropriate layout :blush:

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Thanks for the elaboration PCH!

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It took me way too much time to understand how OpenRow() was really working :sweat_smile:
So I try to put that knowledge “out there” as much as I can :innocent: !

Sorry for hijacking the topic @Piet_Strydom :innocent:

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No hi-jacking. There are so many nuances to some of the topics in Coda, that different perspectives are not only wonderful, but needed.

Other examples include ForEach()/FormulaMap(), the whole idea of “working with lists”. Which I am still not certain I have down pat…

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Thank you both! What I wanted was to avoid creating multiple view of a table, and since the formula says ViewOrLayout, I thoughy maybe we could create multiple layouts in one view and use those in formulas. Too perfect, I guess…

Hey Filipa,

Yip… Sometimes things don’t work out. 10 seconds ago I found out I will need to do a major redesign to my favorite doc…


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