Open same doc side by side

While Coda doesn’t yet allow opening the same doc in two tabs, lately I’ve taken to a nice little hack when I want to edit one section while referencing content from another: use version history.

Click the dropdown next to the doc name and select “See version history”. A new tab will open with the history for that doc, and you can position it side by side with the active doc. While the version history window will be read-only, it’s still quite handy for when you just want to reference something.


Not as elegant as what @nathan suggested above - but you could also open incognito mode in new browser window and open same document there. the one advantage here is both window are “editable” and you can see realitime changes flowing in.


Another solution that works well is to open a new window in Chrome with a different profile. This is similar to Incognito mode except it also allows you to keep settings/extensions etc if you do this regularly.

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can’t believe I had not thought of this!
This will greatly increase productivity :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:

Has there been any progress on this? I haven’t been able to get multiple accounts or incognito window to work.

But the view old versions tip really works – thanks!

I use multiple monitors on my desk and I love being able to refer to things when working. For complex projects, it won’t all fit on one screen and if you stack the views or tables underneath, then scrolling back and forth is a pain.

Google Spreadsheets lets you have multiple windows of the same spreadsheet – say, if you want to refer to a different sheet in the same spreadsheet.

– Maria

Hi @Maria_Korolov,
Thanks for checking in! We don’t have any updates on this, but are still aware of the impact and the need for seeing the same doc in multiple windows.

Always helps us prioritize to hear from customers, so thanks for bubbling this back up.

What happens if you open an Incognito window and sign in (or share with another account)?


Nathan –

Yesterday, when I tried to share, I’d get an error message that sharing failed. Today, I tried sharing again, and it worked.

Now, when I open an incognito window, it tells me to log in with a Google account, and I log in with the second account I shared with, and it works. Whoo hoo!

It’s still a bit of a work-around though, and I’m looking forward to native support.

– Maria

Glad it’s working now! You should also be able to log into the same account from the incognito window and open the same doc there; that can save the extra step of sharing with a second account.

Split screen viewer would be great or at least add functionality in the extension to have two same named windows side by side. Should also include shortcut.

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You can just use multiple browsers and it works fine.

Hi folks, we now fully support opening the same document in multiple tabs. See the post here for more details.


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