OpenAI pack request for error message detail

The OpenAI pack gives you an error message if it hits a problem with the OpenAI API. Could we see what caused the error message (e.g. an error number)?

As an example of what works well is the Google Sheets add-on from GPTForWork that shows you an error reference and explains what it means: Errors •

Thanks for considering this if you are involved with that pack or know how to see that detail already and can explain it.

Hey @Robert_Collett, thanks for this feedback! That makes sense. I’ve shared this with the team who works on this pack :slight_smile:
If you have any other ideas for improvement (with this pack, or anything else), you can always add them to the suggestion box, too.

Thanks for considering it and flagging the right place for suggestions.

Hi @Jasmine_B, just following up on this. Prompt requests through the pack have been timing out quite regularly and I’m wondering if it’s due to increased usage or some other aspect that could be addressed in the pack’s code. Thanks!

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Lately I’m having to go manually refresh in pack settings to iron out the error.

This has largely been with the ChatGPT Pack, not the OpenAi.

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