Opening up Coda docs

From what I read here in the forum, there are roughly three types of users:

  1. Those who are curious and want to check out something new/different and are just browsing a little

  2. Those who are creating docs and are using coda for internally-facing projects (private or professional)

  3. Those who intend to use coda as a basis for publicly-facing projects, require access to coda for outsiders (at some point)

Since I fall mostly in category 3, I was wondering if there is some sort of timeline as to when sharing coda docs publicly will become possible? When I don’t want people to actually sign up and sign in, (or ideally: not be able to change the schema). I just want them to be able to view the doc (and maybe edit some filters/input some data).


Agree completely

Of note - the ability to have “read only” or “flter value only” readers does not need to wait until Coda is out of beta - indeed, part of the beta process might be to evaluate Coda documents with input from such users.

That raises a related question however. I think if I change a filter value that changes the same filter for all users/readers of the document; is that correct? Is there a way to share a document and let each user adjust the filters or controls without affecting other readers and without each reader having to make his own independent copy of the document? If readers make their own independent copies, then the collaborative nature of the project is lost and updates by the original author become impossible.