Option to disable "Show hidden columns" on module layouts

I use modules all the time as forms as they are far more flexible and can contain buttons. But having users be able to access the “Show hidden columns” and see all the backend of the database is not a great user experience. I’d like the ability to disable this for specific module layouts.

Hi Daniel,

When you say, “module”, do you have modal layouts in mind?

If so, when you create the layout, you have an option at the bottom of the show/hide columns area, there is a control that you can use to disable display of hidden columns.


Thank you!! This is exactly what I wanted. I should have known something so obvious would already be implemented. How on earth have I missed that :man_facepalming:. Now to go through all my docs fixing them :sweat_smile:

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Lots of functionality, buried deep in menus and options… :wink:

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