Hidden Columns are not Hidden


Columns which are “Hidden” in standard views appear by default in the Row Detail. Even if the choice is made to hide the columns in the row detail, the default goes back again to showing all columns when viewing Row Detail next time.

There are two related issues:

(1) Appearance/Usability - it would be helpful in any given view to default to certain columns remaining hidden so as to not clutter the workspace

(2) Security/Privacy - Though at first glance it appears that View-Only readers cannot see hidden colums because there is no option to turn the columns back on in the standard view, in fact all they need to do is to go to the Row Detail, where all hidden columns are visible by default.


Hey @Richard_Kaplan, thanks for bringing this up! The row detail can definitely be improved, we’re working on a better layout of the row detail of which hidden fields is a priority. This is really important for docs you want to share with your clients, but of course you don’t want them to see certain columns for your own internal use.

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