Show all fields in expanded view instead of 'show hidden columns' option

For a lot of views of our main tasks Table, we hide the ‘description’ field that is the longer outline of the task, otherwise each row in the table is too large.

When you click to ‘expand’ a row to read all of the content, you have to know to go to the bottom and click ‘show hidden columns’.

I’d prefer the expanded, detailed view be able to show an important, detailed field like ‘description’ near the top, even if it is hidden in the table. Similar to other product management tools that have often just show the ‘task name’, but if you click on the task, you can see all the details straight away.

I might be misunderstanding what you’re asking for, but if I’m not, this is already possible. The row layout is independent from the table layout, so simply unhide and move fields exactly to where you want them. This does not affect your table view in any way.


Please click the ‘Pencil’ icon on top right corner of the detail layout, create a new one and move the field as you prefer. here’s a help article that explains layout

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