Set visible columns for table and cards when opened for a table


Today you can set which columns that should be visible for a view, and if you opens a row from that view you can choose to only show visible columns. I think that idea is really great but I would like to see it customizable one more level, that is, you can specify what fields should be visible when you open the row.

Usually in a table or card view you only show the most important fields and with you open the row or card you want to show more details, but that doesn’t mean you want to show all the fields since that might depend on the view you are in. Example: in the table I might want to see name, who is assigned and estiamte, but when I open the row I might also want to see the full description. In addition I might have multiple other columns that isn’t applicable to the current view and those should be hidden.

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I think layouts solves my issues as described here.