Setting field visibility by role

Hi Friends,

I’m trying to create a view of a table that has a sub set of fields that I want visible.
It works great until a users presses on a card, then it opens and everything is visible :frowning:

What I mean is that I got the cards to look right (have only the info that I wanted to show), but they are clickable, and there the user can see all the info which I don’t want them to see.

Any ideas how to solve this?
What are they different options for me to define who can see what?


You can modify what is shown when a card is clicked, you can modify it so that it only shows exactly what’s on the cards themselves

So clicking on the cards wouldn’t show any additional information.

Would that work for you?

Thanks, how do I do that?

When you are inside the popped open view of a row (also called the detail or modal layout), you have an option to EDIT that layout as seen in the screenshot below

Once editing layout, you can hide or show as many columns as you would like

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