Hide/Unhide fields from a card with checkbox

Hey everyone! I put together a calendar view for our marketing team, but wanted to know if it’s possible to create a rule that, when the checkbox for a campaign = true, it unhides all fields from the card, such as assignee, team, channels etc.
If the checkbox is not clicked on, then those fields remain hidden. Is there a way to do it?
The reason behind it is to keep card view as simple as possible in cases where we don’t actually need to fill out these fields.

Hey Rafaella, thanks for reaching out! At the moment, it’s not possible to hide column values formulaically, but this is a really good idea! If you don’t mind, I’ll go ahead and move this to the Suggestion Box. That way, other community members can also add their vote for this feature and we can get a better idea of the level of interest. Let me know if you have any questions on this in the meantime!

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Hey Renita, of course! I’d be very glad if this went into the Suggestion Box. I think would be a pretty interesting feature for different use cases.
Thanks for reaching out and letting me know this is not possible at the moment.
Best regards! :slight_smile:

This functionality is one of the few things Coda is missing for it to replace all my other apps.

And in a way it’s easy to implement, because the field formatting conditional already exists. Just add the option to “hide”


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