Option to show popups when certain conditions are met

Hi awesome Coda team!

I think Coda is incredible. I was able to build a very complex process in a matter of days. It looks good and clean, and just works. Thank you!

One thing I feel would be a great feature, is the option to show a popup when conditions are met, with optionally a form or a message and buttons.

A couple of use cases which I ran into until now:

  • During a meeting, when a timer has reached zero, shows a popup that warns the user that the time is up.
  • When a user selects an option from a drop-down, and other fields in the row have not yet been filled, show a popup that requires them to fill in the other fields before continuing
  • When creating a new row, and the column ‘title’ has not been filled in when the modal view is closed, show a warning that the item will be deleted.

Of course the conditions for when a popup shows would all be dynamically adjustable with Coda’s amazing formula options.

I’d love to see more ideas from other users. Or, examples of how you’ve solved the usecases I mentioned above.


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