Anything similar to 'conditional form fields' of airtable?

Coda being an advanced tool than airtable, I wonder if any similar feature exists in coda. If there’s no such feature in coda, have you found any workaround yet?

[For those who are not aware about the feature then, these ‘conditional form fields’ in airtable allow us to show fields based on the form submitter’s values for previous fields. Fields with conditions are hidden until those conditions are met]

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Hi @Piyush_Patil :slight_smile:
In coda we use filter, that i think are what you’re looking for :slight_smile:
Codans have prepared wonderful guides for helping you in gettin started!

p.s. i have never used airtable so i cannot help you more than this sadly! :(, but if you want to descrive your needs more in detail, us makers are usually helpful :slight_smile:

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