Conditional Logic on Forms

I appreciate that this was logged as a feature request on another post:

However, the topic is closed so I can’t respond on there. Is there any update to this? It would be a most useful feature. This is still an edge that Google Forms has over Coda Forms.


It’s frustrating that this isn’t an option in CODA forms. I’ve migrated to CODA as an advertised upgrade-alternative to airtable and this has thrown a major wrench in my workflow.

Bumping this up. Can we get an update on this feature request? Forms are a great CODA tool and the next step in their evolution is to add conditional fields and sections.
If you are at it already, then maybe also allow to add section dividers & titles, static text, images, links, etc. between fields

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Yes please! Really important feature to make forms fully functional. I am resorting to to work around Coda’s limitations for now, but I would like to be able to avoid having to integrate with third-party apps wherever possible.


Oh! I was literally thinking about defaulting back to notion because they make (i think) but didn’t think about using it with CODA - what’s that workaround like?


Tally looks a lot like Notion, but I’m pretty sure they are totally separate companies.

You can see the details on Tally’s direct integration with Coda on their website: Tally Pack for Coda

My mistake! Thanks for the intel :slight_smile:

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