Setting up conditional logics for forms

I’m creating a form for a survey and would like to have a conditional logic set up. Basically I want to show respondents a particular question based on an answer to a previous question. This would mean that respondents see a column based on their selection in another column. For instance if I have a list of options in question A, one of which is others, if a respondent chooses others, then I want them to be able to type in more details about this in a different column.

Is there a formula that can be used for this?


Hi @Yarmirama_Ashama! Thanks for the post and for the great question. We don’t currently have a way to support what you are asking for but we can certainly log this as a feature request for you. You can use lookups in your forms which could offer a slight work-around but definitely isn’t quite what you are looking for. You can learn a bit more about forms in this help article that we have- Forms | Coda Help Center

Thank you, @Jen_Anthony1

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