Ordered selection in lookup

Recently I stumbled upon Coda and I found it really awesome, something that I’d like to switch on from Notion eventually.

However I have a use case that yet seems to be not fully supported. I need a table A with lookup column referring B where the order of entries matters.

After some search in this site I found that I can turn the set of B entries kept in A’s rows into table, so the order of entries becomes preserved. But I faced difficulties:

  • Lookup Options menu does not have an option about the order. So for a while I thought that entries are kept unordered and this cannot be configured.
  • In mobile app and in mobile’s browser there is no way to re-order the entries or even delete them AFAIS, only add new ones.
  • When adding a entry to lookup, I’d like the user to see only specific columns, maybe even with certain column widths - inheriting them from a view would be cool. Although here I may be missing a feature that already exists. I didn’t find something like that in similar apps like Notion or Airtable too, and this is one of the primary blockers for my use case actually and what I aim at in the application I seek.

I fully understand that Coda is expected to have such set of functionality at this stage and you likely already have plans to implement all this. Just leaving this note to let you know that such functionality is demanded :slight_smile:

Hello @Kostia_Ivanov

My lookup columns have a sort option:

You can delete rows on mobile - there are different options. The table might look like a card and in that case you can slide the row to the right and see the available options (you might have to click on more). You can also open the card by tapping on the card and use the little bullet menu in the top right. When in table view, you can tap on a row and use the menu I just mentioned.

About adding an entry to lookup: I am missing the point of what you are asking, but I am sure it can be done.

Generally speaking: make a small dummy doc to share with the community - we will have a much better idea what you are running into or what you are trying to accomplish and we can give you pointers in your own doc.

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