Organizing items in Coda - issues with separating websites and metrics

Hello everyone, I’m new to Coda and I’m trying to organize some items but I’m having trouble. Below are the two cases I can’t solve:

Case 1) List of websites separated by commas

When connecting with my Google Search Console account and using the “Sites()” formula, it returns something like:

Text displayed on the screen:
https//, https//:site2com,, https//:site4com

And the data structure is:


If I try to put this into a table, it occupies a single row:

Row 1: https//, https//:site2com,, https//:site4com

I would like it to return each website in a separate row. Something like:

Row 1: https//
Row 2: https//:site2com
Row 3:
Row 4: https//:site4com

Case 2) Metrics of websites with different separators

When using the “SiteaAnalytics” formula:
[Google Search Console]::SiteAnalytics([myaccount],"",Today()-7,Today()-1)

The text displayed on the screen is:
123,456 clicks/9,876,543 impressions, 5.61% CTR

And the data structure is:

{"Summary":"123,456 clicks/9,876,543 impressions, 1.23% CTR","Clicks":123456,"Impressions":9876543,"ClickThroughRate":{"type":"per","value":0.0561},"Position":8.14}

In this second case, I also want to display each metric in a separate column instead of a single block. It would be even better if in the initial column I could retrieve the property and apply the “SiteAnalytics” formula to obtain the data for each row in the table that has the property.

Hi @Ruan_Barbosa,

I beleive I have answered your questions on this doc.

There is a link in the doc to open the published version for copying if you need it.

The methods I have used will be the same for you however the final implementation will depend on your doc setup for tables and how you pull the data down then process it.

If you need any help with the specifics of the setup we will need you to provide more information or a test document (althought I know how hard that will be without exposing your analytics).

I hope that this answers you questions and points you in the right direction at the very least.

All the best


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@Dale_Cowling Your example document has been very helpful! I was able to understand how to handle the data and I’m now able to format the document the way I wanted.

Regarding the example you provided that lists the sites (without the metrics) and is triggered by the button “Parse Google Search Console Result into Rows,” I need to keep the list updated and the current setup adds new rows to the table. One solution I thought of is using another button with the formula “ModifyRows.” Would this be the correct way to do it?

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Hi @Ruan_Barbosa,

ModifyRows isn’t quite what you want as you’ll be adding new rows that don’t exist and doing nothing for ones that do. If the site name changes it will treat it as a new site as it has no way to know what the old name was.

I have updated the doc I posted with another section at the end.

Take a look at my addition and see what you think.

If you are wanting to do anyting different with it let me know and I will see how I can assist.

All the best


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