Our entire work domain has been logged out and I cannot access critical data

As of today all of our accounts for our studio domain valkent.com have been restricted from accessing Coda. I need help to restore access for our entire team. What do I need to do?

we are back… This is apparently a google problem. We had to reauthorize it via gsuite

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To anyone else facing this issue - there appears to be a g suite rollout issue impacting multiple domains (not coda specific) . https://support.google.com/a/thread/18752577?hl=en

This is what has worked for a few folks that have encountered this

GSuite Admin > Security > API permissions > Search for Coda app ID (Oauth ID)
Security > API permissions > trusted applications > Add app to whitelist

If this does not work please contact support@coda.io.

Hi, I am still having this issue, have Emailed support at this point. None of the solutions worked for us, one of the team can get in, but the Maker cannot unfortunately. Eager for any updates when you guys have them!

Update here - we are back! In the first area of the API permissions under Security, not all of these were enabled:

I enabled them all, logged back in. During login I was asked for my role - so for a moment I was nervous my account had been “cleared,” but once I answered that question, I found myself on the regular start page, so all good on this end.

Indeed I obtain this solution after 90 minutes of raw panic. I had to show some quite impressive Coda results to a prospective customer and ta-daaaaa… nobody in my GSuite Domain could access to Coda.

The key point is to force Coda API as a trusted one in GSuite Administration.

Besides, I would suggest to share your critical docs with a standard G account of one of you just as a backup