Pack Gallery Error?

Hi All,

Is anyone else seeing only 30 packs in the pack gallery? Where did all of the user added packs go?

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Hi @Ryan_Redmond :blush: !

Are you, by any chances using FireFox or Safari to browse the Gallery :innocent: ?

I’m asking because I actually get different UI/UX for the Gallery depending on the browser I use :blush: :

  • On Chrome, I have, once I’m in the Packs section of the Gallery, the infinite scroll allowing me to view all the packs available without really searching
  • On FireFox/Safari though, I actively need to search the Gallery to pin point Packs I know exist either by looking for it using the search box or find my way through the available filters ("Browse by team, by scenario, etc…). And I couldn’t find a See all or Browse all but maybe I just missed it…

So, I guess our Dear Codans are just trying out different Gallery UI/UX :blush:

To answer your question:

They seem to be still there :blush: … Even if the Gallery tells you somewhere that there are only 30 packs in The Gallery

I’m on Chrome for Windows and I only see 30 packs in the gallery. Same on Android.
Hope they fix it soon.

I could only test on Mac :pensive:

Hi Breno,

Where do you see only 30 packs?

In the trending segment I see 6 (Windows/ Chrome), but when I go to the Recommended section, the list is endless, I stopped scrolling after about 60.

How quick is your internet connection? It seems to be adding 30 packs/ 10 rows at a time as you scroll down. Sometimes the additional packs take a little longer than other times.


Hi, @Piet_Strydom
My connection is pretty fast. I don’t think it’s the issue here. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I recorded my screen bellow:
packs coda

@Breno_Nunes : Thanks for the screen recording :blush: !
That’s the Gallery UI/UX I get on FireFox/Safari actually (on Mac) … But not on Chrome… :woman_shrugging:

But I sadly have no idea how broken this display would be :no_mouth:

I’ve been having the same issues for the past week. Using Chrome on Windows 11. Persists whether logged in/out.


My screen layout is very different to yours.

You do not have the “Trending Packs” or “Recommended packs” section that I get.
You have a heading that says “30 packs in the gallery”.

What happens when you click on that or any of the headings there?


It filters out the 30 pack list. So you end up seeing only the packs in the free tier out of the 30 shown if you click the “Free” header

I have the same problem with the 30 pack filter. I am using a Windows 11 PC with Chrome.

Is it possible to sort alphabetically or by newest added?

So it only shows 30 packs if you use safari - when I use chrome it is the normal pack gallery.

You were 100% right in my case

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FWIW - When I use Edge I also get the layout that Breno recorded above:

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