Better visuals for your Pack listing pages

Summary: We’ve added the ability for to upload multiple images, animated GIFs, and short videos to a Pack listing, to better demonstrate how the Pack work and what use cases it can solve. The layout of the Pack listing page has changed, and you should review your existing Packs and update the visuals if needed.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and for a Pack that’s often the experience the user gets on the listing page. We’ve heard feedback from Pack makers that they would like more freedom to demonstrate and showcase their Pack visually on the page, beyond what can fit in a single cover photo.

To allow for that richer experience we’ve added the ability for you to upload multiple images, displayed in a familiar carousel. You can also include animated GIFs and mp4 videos, to demonstrate the features and use cases of the Pack in more detail.

Screen Recording on 2024-03-21 at 11-55-04

These new visuals are featured prominently on the page, and users can expand them for a closer look. This allows you show off the features of the Pack and demonstrate how to use it in rich detail, giving users a better sense of what they are getting before they install the it.

Your existing cover photos have been ported automatically, but if they are wider then the 2:1 aspect ratio of the carousel they will be cropped to fit. This may result in some clipping of text or other key information at the edges of the photo.

To ensure your Pack listings are looking their best we recommend that you review all of your Pack listings and update your visuals as needed. The new recommended dimensions are 1800x900px, and we’ve updated our Coda Packs Marketing Toolkit file on Figma and created a simple Canva template to help you get started.

Let us know what you think about this change, and we’re eager to see how you use it to create more engaging listing pages.


Hi, @Eric_Koleda.
Does Coda plan to include sorting by date added to the pack listing?
From time to time, I want to know the new ones available but there is no way to do it right now.

That’s I request I’ve heard before @Breno_Nunes, but it’s not something we’re working on. However @Troy_Larson has put together a Coda doc that tracks all new and updates Packs, and could be a good interim solution:

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@Breno_Nunes I sync all the packs and releases into the Pack Explorer daily . . . you can filter and view by release date. It’s great if you just want to pop in once in a while to see what’s new.