Pack Makers Assemble: Add cards to your Packs

Hello Pack Makers - Earlier this week we launched Pack Cards, a new type of building block that allows Packs to present data in a visual and engaging format. We’ve already added cards to a number of Coda-made Packs, such as Google Calendar and Slack, and I’d encourage you to try them out.


I’ve had some fun creating cards for some of personal Packs. For example, I added a card to my Formula Info Pack that displays information about a given formula:

And since I configured the card to match against Formula documentation URLs, whenever a users pastes a matching link they’ll be presented with the option to install my Pack and upgrade it to a card:

Pack Cards are now available to all Pack makers, and upgrading an existing Pack to include cards only takes a few minutes. We’re already seeing a ton of engagement with cards, and we think it could be a great way for users to discover your Packs.

You can read more about creating cards in the Cards guide. If you have any questions or feedback please let us know.