Pack Request- Schoology


I’m a public school teacher who thinks Coda is an excellent tool to help students write and organize their semester. Is it possible to connect this tool with learning management software like Schoology, Google Classroom, etc.

It would be game changing!


We use Schoology too. What types of data did you want to pull from it?

I’ve been trying to think of useful ways to integrate Coda into schoology so it’s all a rough idea right now. My inital thoughts were distributing a coda doc as a “google drive assignment” but that doesn’t seem to work. I wanted each student to have a syllabus of work they can view in coda somehow.

Interesting use case. I was thinking of pulling student data into Coda for reports and analysis. Some LMS/SIS products have SFTP, which might work better instead of trying to support each API.