Google Analytics

A Google Analytics pack would send me :money_mouth_face:


Yes please!! Need this

To track activity of a shared view only document. Would be sooo sweet!

This would allow me to merge my Shopify analytics with my GA analytics. +1

I have a doc for google analytics where I created tables that are till today empty, as a placeholder to organize for GA properties, views, actions & events, goals, etc.

would be nice to have some data linking via a dedicated pack, +1.

This would be extremely valuable.

How do I upvote this times 100000X :slight_smile:

Agreed! There is a new nocode app with a solid implementation of this, made me yearn for it even more in Coda!

Incidentally would be curious to get any opinion in the community about Fibery. I have been testing it quite a bit and they have a sound approach. They claim you can create a team management custom app more easily than in Notion or Coda. I do agree it’s easier to get set up than in Coda, but I think Coda is continuing to improve and very eager to see the “new tools” discussed for easier onboarding in the recent Webinar!