Pack Request : Social medias


Hey there!
Great to see the packs coming to Coda.
It can be very powerful to update social media.
Do you plan packs for Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, Reddit?



Hi Tom, Thanks for the input! We’re tracking every request we get as we prioritize which new pack to add first. Social media apps are definitely on the list. We already have Instagram and YouTube for instance.

Do you (or others) have a specific use-cases in mind that social packs would unlock?

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Hi @alden and thanks for the answer.

My use case would be a post manager.
I want to make a table with every version of a text (because each social media have their own characteristics, hashtags on Twitter wouldn’t be the same on Facebook for example), gifs (not linked but rooted in the post) or videos etc.

Every Saturday for example, we have to post a #screenshotSaturday post with a gif and a text.
I would love to be able to have a twitter text column, twitter gif and when pushing a button (or automating yay !!!) it would post on Twitter the text and the gif (not as a link but as an upload).
Same for Facebook but I would like to post both in groups as in a page.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. This functionality would be great!