Get Updated Social Media Stats

Coda newbie here. I work with a museum and we want to be able to regularly update various social media stats.

Specifically, we like to regularly update various social media channel’s (FB group, Instagram Profile, etc.) number of followers/fans.

I don’t see a Coda pack or anything in the forum related to this so I wanted to know if it’s possible. If yes, any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

Dear @Mike_Ray1, and welcome to the community! :handshake:

At Coda | Formula library, you will find packs to Instagram, YouTube, Slack under the “Pack section”.

In the templates section you might find docs that give you a quick start, like this doc:

Feel free to drop your questions/samples in the community, other members might be able to guide you and share their experiences on the social media subjects

@Jean_Pierre_Traets thanks for the info but I knew about the packs but they don’t pull in API information from the social sites I need. At least, not by what I read in the Coda docs.

Hi @Mike_Ray1,

Neither I have experience with it.
You might check out if Zapier can do that.

Otherwise others might share their experience :wink: