Packs in Forms?

I’m using the Book Lookup Pack to pull in info on books by typing in the title of a book. I’ve created a form so people in my book club can add new books, but on the form, it shows errors in every field related to the pack and nothing happens. The pack works as expected in the doc, just not within the form.

Is there a way to utilize packs within forms?

Bumping this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Give us some screenshots! Examples! Example docs!

The more context, the quicker and more applicable the help

With this pack, you type in the name of a book and it pulls in other data about it. The pack works great in a table like this, where I enter the title in the first column.

See here that it filled in all the other columns automatically.

When I put these columns into a form, they all display this error message and do not automatically pull in the external data until after the form is submitted, but I really need it to work within the form before clicking Submit. Is this possible?

Ahhhh i see

The short answer is no - packs make API calls and do not work (aka make live calls) inside an external form

You could create an Advanced Form (as I call them - they are explained in detail in this video) and have your users submit books/interact with a published doc you create, then utilize format() to capture all their inputs and push it into a form submission.

Better explained in the video above!

One callout - I’ve tried with some packs and they do work in a published doc in play mode, but I haven’t tried with this pack specifically! So you’d have to test.

Another option is to create a table with a ton of books and use that as a lookup column in your form. But that would require you to have all the books users might want to submit pre-loaded into a table which might not be ideal.

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