Struggling with Forms

Hi folks, I have a published page for people to find information and signup via a form. But I’m struggling to make it work, so hoping someone here can shed some light.

I was expecting to be able to embed the form on the page, but the Doc’s Publishing Settings states that, because I have a form in the doc, the doc needs to be published in “Edit” mode. However having the doc in Edit mode makes for a weird user experience when interacting with what should just feel like a landing page.

So instead I set the Doc interactions to View and created a button that links out to the form. Not ideal, but okay. However when I do this the “international phone numbers” pack that powers the phone number field doesn’t work - a red mark and the error message “Missing Pack: the phone numbers pack is not currently installed” even though the pack is installed in the main doc.

Am I misunderstanding how forms should work on published paged? Is there a way to embed it on a View or Play doc?

And is there a known bug with the International Phone Numbers pack for form links?

Hey there! Check out @Scott_Collier-Weir’s great video on his advanced forms, I set the time to when he mentions the “edit” mode thing you mentioned, which he says you can completely ignore! I recommend watching the whole thing :clap:

That’s really good to know! I’ve embedded the form now with the doc in play mode but the form area is displaying as blank. Could it be because the doc is published as a custom domain?

That aside, even Play mode is not a good user experience for a landing-page style doc. Hovering over table reveals add row buttons, hover within layouts reveals expand buttons on each cell, all distractions with no purpose so are confusing.

I’ll stay with View mode and form as button for now. But still keen to know why embedding is blank

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