Page frozen on load

My coda doc is frozen on launch. I was in the middle of making additional canvas columns with default values to populate new rows.

My frozen doc shows pages and subpages that I had already deleted. I can scroll but I can’t interact with any elements. Sometimes the document will show “Calculating…” and sometimes “Offline.”

Other docs are working fine.

Following the troubleshooting tips, I have performed the following remediations:

  1. Log out/log in
  2. Clear browser cookies and cache.

What are things I can try unblock myself?

I waited long enough on a page and eventually I suppose the calculations finished and then I could interact with the page.

I’m not sure what caused the problem. Was it the additional canvas columns with default values? I think my last action was to apply the selected page to all blank rows (< 10 blank rows to apply).

Every time I reopen the page, I see an old version of the page and then it takes a few minutes on a frozen page before the page updates with the latest and I can interact with the page.

It feels like Coda is replaying from a checkpoints all the changes that I’ve been making over the course of the day. I was making some fairly large schema changes on a small dataset of ~20-30 rows. Is this expected behavior? Or is there some process amiss in Coda land today?

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