Page visibility by tag?

Is there any way to have certain people tagged and then have that tag have special page visibility permission? What we are trying to do is to use coda for our team SOP and LMS, but we don’t want everyone able to view everything. It would be ideal to have only the secretaries view certain pages so on and so forth. Thanks!

coda cannot do what you require directly.
but there is a work-around that gets the job done.

when i want to control access to pages using business logic,
i put those pages into a table as canvas-columns.

then i can put formulas and actions in place to determine which users see which ‘pages’.

it is not a trivial setup, and so i cant explain all of it here.

but the key is to stop thinking of those pages as native coda-pages,
and instead to treat them as canvas-columns in a big table.

if you need more assistance with this, it may help to share a redacted copy of your doc,
so we can see how best to help.


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