Access Pages Based on Users Access

It’s been a while since I have been expecting some granular permissions related to sections, interactive filters, etc. We all are very compassionate and understanding about the development efforts this might require and patiently waiting for the native support so we can build our platforms/apps in coda.

Probably there are many other even more elegant solutions from some more tech-savvy people in this community, but I did not find anything, so here is mine which is pretty simple logic.

1. Two sections one named ‘CEO’ and second named 'LENG’

2. One table named “People” with users and 2 columns:

  • Column A (Name) - User()
  • Column B (Role) - Select list with company roles (e.g. CEO and LENG)

3. These simple formulas go on the Home page:
If([People].Filter(Role="CEO").Name.Contains(User()),HyperlinkCard("SECTIONLINKTO_CEO")," ")

If([People].Filter(Role="LENG").Name.Contains(User()),HyperlinkCard("SECTIONLINKTO_LENG")," ")

4. Oh, also - make sure that absolutely all pages are under one Home page, so that when you publish the doc there are no sections on the left.

5. Publish the document without Top navbar.
You will have a document with 2 sections accessible only if the person is assigned to specific company role.

Here is the Published version.

And embedded here

Please, share yours if you know any other solution. I would be very interested to find our more about your experience with section access restriction.

EDIT: It seems that some changes were made it Coda and this is currently not functioning as explained above.


This is really cool, but where do you place the formulas? How do you find the URL?

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The formulas goes On the canvas of Home.

The URL is from the browser search bar.

I can’t help much more now but when I have time will write more explanations.

When you copy it, have a look at the document.

Having my last few days on the seaside and only now I had a few minutes to add more information to the sample document. I hope you found answers to your questions.

Please let me know if you still have some queries.

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Thank you Stefan for your feedback and assistance. Much appreciated.

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